Red Jeep Tours is the #1 Outdoor Activity in Palm Springs, CA! Guests board a big, red Jeep and explore stunning areas such as the San Andreas Fault, Joshua Tree National Park, and the Indian Canyons. Red Jeep Tours offers a wide variety of eco-tours, from Jeep tours to hiking tours to group & corporate events.

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Red Jeep Tours

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Red Jeep Tours


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Red Jeep Tours’ website

Red Jeep Tours has been a part of the Palm Springs community since 1988, and they decided it was time for a refresh of their brand to attract new audiences. The web development team created a new tourism website that featured engaging imagery and videos, optimized writing, an optimized booking flow from FareHarbor, and more.

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Social Media

Red Jeep Tours had a small digital presence prior to partnering with AAMP Agency. However, they had sought to take full advantage of the benefits of social media marketing. Now, Red Jeep Tours has been building brand awareness and reaching new audiences through consistent posting and engaging social media advertisements.

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